Who We Are

Runningdog Architects is an architecture firm based in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. We—cofounders Eric Carle, AIA, and Warren Wick, AIA—each have over 20 years experience designing and managing a variety of building and planning projects including multi-family housing, healthcare facilities, hospitality, science labs, commercial office buildings, embassies, and schools, and recently have directed the practice to include an emphasis on single family residential design.

Our History

We formed Runningdog Architects while each of us were working for large corporate architectural firms with global practices. This corporate experience provided the broad knowledge base that has defined our careers. Our partnership began with some moonlighting in the early 2000s, as we worked on a variety of residential projects, but it meant our names could not be public until our own practice began to flourish and to strike out on our own. With the right clients and opportunities, we resurrected Runningdog Architects in January 2013, and now are proudly flourishing.

Our Name

While searching for a name for our firm, we stumbled on it—playfully. While at a friend's cocktail party on a rooftop in Dupont Circle, and to the musical backdrop of "Werewolves of London," the name Runningdog Architects was established! While the name is not specifically a lyric in the song, many 19th Century, architects commonly referred to an ancient Greek geometric pattern as the "Running Dog" pattern.

With our firm's name settled, our goals were simple: to "own" the cover of Dwell Magazine! Although the initial practice was short lived, we knew it was an auspicious start and planned to revisit our partnership in the future.

Our Design Approach

It is vitally important that each client's dream comes true with no preconceived architectural ideology or approach to design. We believe in contextual architecture and share a passion for the entire spectrum of architectural design ranging from modernism to classicism. We are deeply committed to respond to each client's needs, goals, and design vision. We share a conviction that great architecture results from a nurturing and creative collaboration with the client—from the initial design discussion to the completion of construction.

Each project, client, site, and budget is unique, and so is the approach we bring to each project. This variety results in distinctive and innovative design solutions. Runningdog Architects is an intentionally a boutique design firm that ensures every client receives individual attention from both of us.

Go Dog, Go!!!